Fox Bags “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

The people at Fox have landed the distribution rights to Tim Burton's upcoming president vs. undead thriller, but only after a seriously heated bidding war.

The studio beat out basically every other studio in town to hang its name on  "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," reported Variety. The film is based on the book by Seth Grahame-Smith, to which Burton secured the film rights back in March after seeing the in-house trailer for the novel.

The book received mostly mixed reviews, with Publisher's Weekly noting that, "The author's decision to reduce slavery to a mere contrivance of the vampires is unfortunate bordering on repellent, but at least it does distract the reader from the central question of why the president never saw fit to inform the public of the supernatural menace."

Nonetheless, it's easy to see what would attract Burton to such a project and the trailer is pretty amusing. Grahame-Smith will be adapting the book himself, maybe he can shave off some of the book's more unfortunate edges.

Grahame-Smith also penned "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," which Natalie Portman is hoping to turn into a film.

Our biggest concern, however, is the involvement of Timur Bekmambetov, whose last film, "Wanted," we found absurd and tedious.

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