4-Year-Old Found Wandering Outside Home, Mom Arrested

A Connecticut mother accused of leaving her 4-year-old daughter home alone overnight has been arrested after the girl was found crying outside. Police said the girl told them it was not the first time she had been left by herself at her Hartford home.

Hartford police said the girl’s mother, Ronisha Woodard, left the 4-year-old home alone on Friday night.

On Saturday morning, neighbor Gwendolyn Rowse noticed the girl standing outside her home and crying for help.

“My heart went out to that baby. …. I was watching it,” Rowser said. “We were afraid at first something happened to the mother."

Rose Johnson said she was on her porch when a neighbor brought the little girl over, asked if anyone knew her, then called authorities.

“She was thirsty and hungry. That's what she said,” Johnson said.

When officers arrived, the child told them she was left alone, and that this wasn’t the first time Woodard had done this, police said.

Detectives reached Woodward by phone and she claimed she was in New Haven and planned to come back to Hartford, police said.

Woodard was arrested, charged with risk of injury to a child and first-degree reckless endangerment, and posted bond.

Woodard returned home with a state worker on Monday night and did not answer any of NBC Connecticut’s questions.

Woodard’s child is in DCF custody.

Hartford police said the child was checked out at the hospital and she’s in good condition.

Woodard is due in court on August 13.

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