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Most of this California town is up for sale for $6.6 million. Here's why

Much of the historic town in eastern San Diego County, which used to be an Army base and home to the famous Buffalo Soldiers, is ready to be sold

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Campo, California is for sale. Not the whole town, but most of it.

Twenty-eight homes and several commercial buildings on 16 acres in the San Diego County town can be yours for $6.6 million.

NBC 7’s Dita Quinones shows us the hotel’s owners worry a solar farm right next door could ruin the town's budding revival.

An investor bought the properties in 2000. According to Top Gun CRE in San Diego, they're ready to sell.

“It’s certainly unique,” said Nick Hernandez of Top Gun. "We've never sold a town before."

Hernandez said they’re looking for a buyer with a plan.

“Maybe seeking more of a creative, visionary investor who maybe wants to put his touch on a small town and shape the community,” Hernandez explained. “Has some unique ideas as far as how to bring Campo back to life.”

Campo, which sits about an hour east of San Diego near the U.S. border with Mexico, used to be an Army base and home to the famous Buffalo Soldiers, the Army’s first African American cavalry unit.

“It could actually catapult the community,” said Lance Garmo, owner of the Campo Green Store, which is not part of the sale. “[We’re] curious but excited to see that maybe somebody is going to bring back some of the historic sites.”

The nearby Jacumba Hot Springs has been bought and sold twice in the past 15 years. The smaller town of Bankhead Springs just north of Jacumba Hot Springs is also currently for sale for about $2 million.

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