Five of the World's Most Expensive Parking Spaces

A parking space in London is on the market for whopping $465,000, putting to shame anyone who complains about the going rates for New York City's shoebox-sized apartments.

To put the price into perspective, $465,000 can buy you a four-bedroom house in Kansas City, according to NBC News. The 11 by 12 feet of space in the exclusive Hyde Park Gardens area, however, is not the first parking space to come with a hefty price tag.

Check out these other hot parking spots:

  • New York City's first million dollar parking spot — attached to a $120 million luxury condo — went on sale in May 2012, making it the city's most expensive to date. The space is 12 feet wide, 23 feet long and more than 15 feet high, which makes it easy to convert into a duplex if the owner wants to park more than one Maserati in the garage.
  • A real estate company in April sold a parking space in San Francisco for $80,000, and with it comes easy game day access to AT&T Park and proximity to a major shopping area. The space is in an enclosed garage complete with secured entry.
  • A Hong Kong executive owns two $640,000 parking spaces in the dense cosmopolitan Chinese city that boasts some of the world's most expensive real estate. Jacinto Tong, CEO of property firm Gale Well Group, calls one of his two 8-by-16-foot slabs of concrete the best parking spot he's ever had. "You can go straight to the office and the elevator," he told CNN. "Only 20 steps!"
  • The only fancy amenities to two parking spots in Boston's Back Bay area are the straight white stripes painted on the black asphalt — and yet the tandem spots sold for $560,000 at an auction in June.
  • A luxury high-rise in Singapore comes with a much-needed amenity: an elevator that takes your Lamborghinis up to your $24 million penthouse.
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