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First Grader Convinces Old Navy to Make Girls' Jeans With Pockets

The girl's letter to the retail giant is a reminder that companies do indeed listen to their customers

Kamryn Gardner, a first grader at Evening Star Elementary School, in Bentonville, Arkansas
Kamryn Gardner

Ask and you shall receive.

That old adage proved true for Kamryn Gardner, a first grader at Evening Star Elementary School, in Bentonville, Arkansas, who used an assignment to write persuasive letters to contact Old Navy and ask the clothing retailer to create girls’ jeans with real front pockets.

“Earlier this year, first grade worked on writing persuasive letters. Kamryn, in Mrs. Jayne's class, used her classroom experience with persuasive writing when she decided that she was tired of buying girl jeans from Old Navy with fake pockets,” a post on Evening Star’s Facebook page explained.

“She wrote Old Navy a letter and they responded! Not only did they write back, they sent her 4 pairs of new girl jeans with REAL pockets! The Old Navy Kids team thanked Kamryn for her feedback as they develop new product! Now, that's using your voice! Way to go, Kamryn!"

“Dear Old Navy,” Gardner wrote in her letter. “I do not like that the front pockets of the girls’ jeans are fake. I want front pockets because I want to put my hands in them. I also would like to put things in them. Would you consider making girls jeans with front pockets that are not fake. Thank you for reading my request.”

The company replied with four pairs of girls’ jeans with real pockets and a personalized response.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write us about pockets on girl’s jeans,” Old Navy replied. “The Old Navy kids product team appreciate your information. It’s great feedback for us as we develop new product.”

So, now that she got her jeans, the only question that remains is what grade did Gardner receive? We're betting on an A.

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