Fincher in Sweden Scouting for “Dragon Tattoo” Shoot in October

David Fincher recently flew to Stockholm to begin laying the groundwork for his upcoming adaptation of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," which begs the question, Why?

Having Fincher's version set in Sweden, as ScreenDaily reported (via The Playlist), just doesn't make sense. Is Steven Zaillian's script going to maintain the characters' Swedish-ness? If so, will they be speaking English? And if so, why? The alternative would be for the girl with the dragon tattoo and her fellow crimefighter to be Americans, which sounds even dumber.

As much as we enjoyed the original Swedish film, it had its shortcomings and Fincher seems like a good fit to reshape the narrative into a tighter, more cohesive film. But news of the film being set in Sweden is doing nothing to inspire confidence.

On the casting front, Carey Mulligan's name had been bandied about for the title role, as she was kind of lobbying for the part, but Fincher is seeking an unknown for the role, and The Playlist has floated Brad Pitt's name as a possibility for the male lead. We'll see.

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