Fincher Adds to “Social Network” Awards Heap With Best Director Prize

In what is almost surely a precursor to "The Socail Network" winning Best Picture, director David Fincher was honored as Best Director.

"I had no idea when I complied this film five months ago that I’d be here tonight. Had I known I would’ve been popping Propecia like Chiclets," opened Fincher, who gave a very sweet and thoughtful speech counter to the dark, foreboding image his films evoke.

He, of course, thanked the usual litany of support people, "Without whom I’d just be a bitter man with a lot of opinions," before admitting that he's a bit scared of all of "The Socail Network"'s success.

"I’m personally loath to acknowledge the kind of wonderful response this film has received for fear of becoming addicted to it. So, suffice it to say, it’s been really nice, and, uh, go to bed, Felix. Thank you."

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