Fight at Sonoma Valley High School Caught on Cell Phone Video Goes Viral

A fight caught on cell phone video that shows a girl attacking a boy at a high school in Sonoma, California, last week has gone viral since it was posted online.

School administrators said the girl involved in the Feb. 11 fight is from Creekside High School and the boy attends Sonoma Valley High. Both high schools share a campus located at 20000 Broadway in Sonoma.

Sonoma Valley Unified School District officials issued a robo-call to high school parents alerting them about the altercation and also posted a letter online.

The district said it requested Facebook take down the video, but was denied. The district also told parents safety on campus is a top priority.

"The district does not condone such behaviors and continues to support and provide ongoing programs available to our students at our various schools centered on student safety and digital responsibility," the district said in the letter.

Caysi Burns is one of many parents of students at the schools who have seen the video. She believes addressing high school fights should be a private matter.

"I think the parents of the child should be involved," Burns said. "But as far as everyone else, I think it's blown out of proportion."

"I think it's kids being kids," Burns added.

Several students interviewed Tuesday said they felt safe on campus.

District officials said they are following discipline procedures in the case.

But the district also asked parents to remind their children "about the acceptable use of social media, and the responsibility that goes with it."

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