Fake Obama Calls Fallon After Leno Appearance

Just after President Barack Obama appeared on "The Tonight Show" and had a candid conversation with Jay Leno on a range of topics, "Late Night" with Jimmy Fallon began with a sketch of a conversation between the president and the late night host.

Fallon is seen in his dressing room when his cell phone suddenly rings. To his surprise, an actor impersonating President Obama is on the other line saying he just finished his appearance on Leno.

"And let me just say you have some pretty big shoes to fill," the fake Obama says in reference to news that Fallon will take over for Leno when "The Tonight Show" host's contract ends at the end of this year.

The fake Obama goes on to praise Leno and says he doesn't understand his replacement.

"I just don't get it. Why would NBC do this? Jay's still No. 1 in the ratings. I mean Jimmy Fallon taking over for Jay Leno – that's like Biden taking over for me," the fake Obama says.

Fallon responds saying that he has about seven more months on his show, "Late Night," and asks the fake president if he'd like to make an appearance.

But the fake Obama has no interest appearing on the show and pretends he's losing cell phone service. 

Watch the full sketch:

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