Joe Biden

Erie County, Pennsylvania, Voters Explain Their Picks

The county in the northwestern part of the state turned back to Democrats

Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Campaigns In Philadelphia
Drew Angerer

Four years ago, Gary Kaminski believed America needed a change — something unexpected or different from the political norm to shake up Washington, NBC News reports.

This year, the Democrat who lives in Erie County, Pennsylvania, changed his mind.

Erie County, in the most northwestern part of Pennsylvania, which borders Lake Erie, was part of the statewide turn back to the Democrats after it supported Trump over Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.

Joe Biden, a Scranton native, made Pennsylvania a key component of his strategy, visiting the state 14 times in a hotly contested battle for the state with Trump. He repeatedly said rebuilding the Democrats "blue wall" of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan was integral to his chances of victory.

The state -- and voters like Kaminski -- proved pivotal to Biden's win.


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