Police: Egging Leads to Wreck, Gunshots, Power Outage

Dallas Police Department officials said an egging resulted in a wreck, gunshots and a power outage late Thursday night.

The incident began just before 10:30 p.m. when people in two vehicles threw eggs at a home in the 2600 block of Max Goldblatt Drive, according to police.

When a man inside the home went outside to confront the eggers, police said the driver of one of the vehicles tried to run him down. The driver then lost control of the vehicle, drove through a fence and crashed into an electrical transformer.

When the people in the crashed vehicle jumped out and tried to run toward the other car, several neighborhood residents chased after them, police said. The people who were in the vehicle pulled out guns and fired shots into the air before entering the other vehicle and driving away.

Police said the residents then began beating the disabled vehicle with baseball bats.

The neighborhood residents have been involved in an ongoing feud, according to police.

Oncor officials said crews are working to restore power.

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