Eastwood Eyeing Theron and Hammer for “Hoover”

In his effort to help us all forget "Hereafter," director Clint Eastwood is assembling a pretty sweet cast for his J. Edgar Hoover biopic starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Charlize Theron has been approached to play the role of file clerk Helen Gandy in "Hoover," reported Vulture. Gandy was hired by Hoover to be his personal secretary when she was just 21  and wound up working for the notorious law man for 54 years.

And Armie Hammer, fresh off not one but two great performances in "The Social Network" as the Twinkelvi, has been offered the part of Clyde Tolson, Hoover right-hand man and alleged "special friend," according to EW.

The true nature of Hoover's relationship with Tolson may never be known, but the two worked closely together for decades, ate their meals together, vacationed together and when Hoover died, Tolson inherited his entire estate and accepted the flag draped over the coffin at Hoover's funeral. Draw your own conclusions.

Eastwood will be working with a script from Dustin Lance Black, who previously won an Oscar for his screenplay "Milk," another historical biopic.

Let's hope this marks an improvement over "Hereafter," Eastwood's film from earlier this year starring Matt Damon, about three different people dealing with death. It wasn't the worst movie we saw this year, it was was the most boring.

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