Teacher Goes on Racist Rant in School Parking Lot After Fender Bender, Parent Says

The incident took place Thursday morning in the parking lot of Drexel Hill Middle School in Upper Darby

A local teacher is on leave after a parent posted a video of her going on a racist rant in a school parking lot.

The incident took place Thursday morning in the parking lot of Drexel Hill Middle School in Upper Darby. A parent of a student said he got into a minor car accident with a teacher at the school. He said the teacher then began to make racist and derogatory remarks toward him. He recorded part of the exchange.

“You’re probably on welfare too,” the teacher says at the start of the clip, which lasts a little over a minute and a half.

“Not even a little bit, six figures a year ma’am,” the parent replies. “Because I’m young and I’m black is the reason you would say that.”

“That’s right, because you’re black,” the teacher says.

The teacher uses more racial remarks as the video continues.

“Always looking to milk the system,” the teacher says. “And you see me, a white woman, so you think I got money.”

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“Not even a little bit,” the parent replies. “Don’t even look like you got it.”

“Shut the f--- up,” the teacher says. “Go back to your welfare. Your section 8 house.”

The two continue to go back and forth. The teacher then calls the parent a “n-----" toward the end of the video.

“I’m sorry?” the parent asks. “This situation could change real quick.”

“Oh yeah,” the teacher replies while walking toward the man. “What are you gonna do about it?”

The parent repeatedly tells the teacher to “stay over there” while the teacher tells him to “bring it on." The video then ends. 

The parent later posted the video of the confrontation on Facebook and it went viral. He also reported the incident to the Upper Darby School District, which confirmed the woman is a teacher at Drexel Hill Middle School. They did not reveal her identity however.

The Pennsylvania district launched an investigation and the teacher was placed on administrative leave.

“Upper Darby School District does not condone or tolerate inappropriate conduct or speech associated with hate, racism, discrimination or intolerance of any kind,” a spokesperson for the school district wrote. “The deeply troubling comments and actions of this teacher are not indicative of the hundreds of outstanding teachers working in our schools each and every day.”

Ursula Willis told NBC10 the teacher once taught her daughter and her son.

“She said the teacher was always angry,” Willis said. “But my son had a different opinion. He said as long as you didn’t get on her bad side, she was fine.”

Willis called the teacher’s behavior offensive and frightening.

“I’m concerned about the children that are in her care currently,” Willis said. “I understand the superintendent sent out a message saying she’s on administrative leave, so good. Honestly, she doesn’t need to be with children.”

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