Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for an “Alice in Wonderland” Sequel

"Alice in Wonderland" might have chugged past the holy $1 billion mark last week while Blu-Ray and DVDs are fuderwhacking off the shelves, but don't expect Tim Burton to cash in at the 'Alice' bank again.

Producer Jennifer Todd says the director is already looking ahead to other projects rather than thinking about an 'Alice' sequel. "I don't think he has the appetite for a sequel now now," she tells PopcornBiz. "And it is really up to Tim."

"I think he has a lot on his plate."

This includes reports of 3D version of "The Addams Family." Further, there are story issues for a sequel. This "Alice" broke into Lewis Carroll's own sequel "Through the Looking Glass." So that story source is already been tapped.

"We took a lot of material from 'Through the Looking Glass' already to carve this story together," says Todd. "So we would be fictionalizing a lot more with a movie sequel."

"And it's about Tim's comfort level with that."

Certainly good reason to not start marking the calender for another trip down the rabbit hole. So enjoy those DVDs.

"I wouldn't bet on it right now, but you never know with artists," says Todd. "They could change their mind."

"And if Tim wants a sequel, there will be a sequel."

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