Donald Rumsfeld to Be Errol Morris' Next Victim, Er, Subject

Documentarian Errol Morris has a gift for aiming his camera at a target and drilling down to its very core, often getting people to reveal shocking things about themselves. So who better for Morris to look at then former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld?

Few men of recent vintage have inspired more hair-pulling rage and frustration among liberals and democrats than Rumsfeld, a man whom Richard Nixon was described as "a ruthless little bastard." It seems impossible that Rumsfeld would sit for Morris, as Vulture is reporting.

For many, Rumsfeld is--along with President Bush and VP Dick Cheney--one of the three faces of the Iraq War and its collateral horrors, like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. And he has never once shown anything approaching contrition, not even in his memoir 2011 memoir, "Known and Unknown."

This isn't the first notorious Defense Secretary to sit for Morris. His 2003 doc, "The Fog of War," focused on the career of John McNamara, who was appointed by Pres. Kennedy, and served the longest tenure in the office's history. But McNamara also famously and openly regretted his waging of the Vietnam War.

Could it be that Rumsfeld is ready to mea culpa? It seems highly unlikely, but then Morris has on many occassions gotten folks to say things you'd never imagine.

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