Trump's Attorney Says ‘You Can't Rape Your Spouse'

Donald Trump is making headlines again Tuesday, this time over something his lawyer said while trying to defend the Republican presidential candidate against decades-old allegations of rape, NBC's "Today" show reported. 

Michael Cohen, a lawyer for the Trump Organization reportedly told the Daily Beast: "You're talking about the front-runner for the GOP, presidential candidate, as well as private individual who never raped anybody...And of course, understand that by the very definition, you can't rape your spouse." 

Cohen went on to say, "I think you should go ahead and you should write the story that you plan on writing. I think you should do it. Because I think you're an idiot. And I think your paper's a joke, and it's going to be my absolute pleasure to serve you with a $500 million lawsuit, like I told [you] I did it to Univision."

The comments, which went viral overnight, came in response to an article published Monday that resurfaces allegations that Trump raped his then wife Ivana Trump in 1989. Trump has denied those accusations in the past.

His campaign said in a statement overnight, "This is an event that has been widely reported on in the past, it is old news and it never happened. It is a standard lawyer technique, which was used to exploit more money from Mr. Trump especially since he had an ironclad prenuptial agreement. It is just a way for the badly failing and money losing Daily Beast, which has been reporting inaccurately on Mr. Trump for years, to get some publicity for itself."

Previously, Ivana Trump issued a statement saying that she felt "violated"- treated without the usual love and tenderness- by Trump, and that she did not mean to use the term "rape" literally or criminally.  

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