Human, Technical Error to Blame for MSF Hospital Bombing

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan says some of those most closely involved in the mistaken air attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz have been suspended from their duties, NBC News reported.

Gen. John Campbell, speaking during a news conference in the Afghan capital, did not provide the names or specify how many people have been temporarily removed from their jobs, only stating that those individuals will be subject to investigation under the military justice or administrative discipline systems.

"The bombing of the hospital is a direct result of avoidable human error compounded by electronic malfunctions," Gen. Campbell said. 

Investigators found no evidence that the crew or the U.S. Special Forces commander on the ground who authorized the strike knew the targeted compound was a hospital at the time of the attack and were not "properly briefed" before their mission.

The attack on Oct. 3 on the medical charity's hospital killed at least 31 civilians and injured 28 others.

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