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Dinosaurs, Drugs and Bad Driving: Top ‘Florida Man' Stories of 2020

Not even the coronavirus pandemic could slow down Florida Man in 2020

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Not even the coronavirus pandemic could slow down Florida Man in 2020.

While much of the world was locking down, socially distancing and laying low for most of the year, Florida Man still found time to deliver the wacky and wild stories he's known for.

Without further ado, here are the most Florida Man and Florida Woman stories of 2020:


A Florida Woman started the year off strong when she was arrested after authorities said she threw a bucket of feces at her roommate. The woman claimed she was going to throw a bucket of water but got the two buckets confused.


Two Florida men found out the hard way not to keep drugs in packages labeled "Bag Full of Drugs." The pair were pulled over for speeding in the Panhandle, and a K-9 quickly alerted authorities to methamphetamine, cocaine and other illegal drugs. "Note to self - do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled 'Bag Full Of Drugs,'" deputies wrote on Facebook. "Our K-9's can read."


"Jurrassic Park" may not be real, but for at least one Florida Man, dinosaurs came alive after he told officers he may have ingested some "bad drugs." The 32-year-old man was shot by a Deltona homeowner after he broke in while believing he was being chased by dinosaurs, authorities said.


Easter can be celebrated in unusual ways in the Sunshine State. Take the case of a Florida Woman who decided to celebrate the holiday by putting plastic Easter eggs filled with pornographic and other images inside mailboxes of homes. The woman was later charged with multiple counts of distributing obscene material.


Florida Man can be a real stickler for manners. Okay, not really but one Florida Man took exception when he held the door open for another man at a liquor store and didn't get a "thank you." Authorities said the door holder attacked the other man in the store, then fled the scene. Bad form!


No kidding! A Florida Woman filed a lawsuit against her neighbor seeking a paternity test on some goats she had purchased from her. Apparently the goat discord was over whether they could be registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, a group that records goat pedigrees. Registered goats have higher values than unregistered goats. Who knew?


A Florida Woman was arrested after police said she kept breaking into her neighbor's pool to go skinny-dipping. The 22-year-old woman was caught on camera swimming in the pool in her birthday suit and later charged with trespassing and burglary, and presumably won't be invited to the next July 4th party at the neighbor's.


Talk about a joy ride. A man was detained after he jumped on the hood of a tractor-trailer for a nine-mile ride on the Florida's Turnpike, authorities said. Video posted on social media showed the man bashing the truck's windshield as it drove on the highway. A passenger who was in another car with the man reported that he had been "acting strange" before jumping on the truck.


Florida Man may never learn that it's not a good idea to try to flee from authorities on a personal watercraft. A man who was wanted by U.S. Marshals gave it a go in Miami and was caught, of course. But thanks to cell phone video the world got to see a pursuit worthy of a "Miami Vice" episode.


Note to Florida Man: stop testing the system. Florida authorities filed a voter fraud charge against a man who said he said he “wanted to test the system" when he tried to obtain a mail-in ballot for his deceased wife. A review of voter rolls showed the man's wife had been dead for two years, and elections workers determined the man forged her signature on a ballot request, authorities said.


A Florida man was caught red-handed after troopers found him driving around with a large power pole strapped to the hood of his car, officials said. The 71-year-old man had apparently found the downed pole, loaded it onto the roof of his car, and tried to take it to a recycling facility before Florida Highway Patrol troopers found him driving with the pole still on top of his car.


Fore! A Florida man found himself behind bars after police say he was seen throwing golf clubs out of a van while driving along a busy interstate. Authorities had to use a stun gun on the 41-year-old after authorities said he hit an FHP trooper.

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