Diane Lane to Mother “Superman”

He may not have a father or a villain yet, but at least Superman has his mommy.

Warner Bros. has announced that Diane Lane has been cast as Martha Kent in Zach Snyder's "Superman" reboot. The official press release from the studio only confirms that Lane will be co-starring alongside Henry Cavill, but makes no mention of any other casting.

Martha Kent, of course, is the woman who (along with her husband Jonathan) raises Superman/Clark Kent after the infant super-alien crash lands near her Kansas farm. 

Recently, it was rumored that Kevin Costner was close to signing on, and we speculated that he could be a possible fit for Jonathan. The casting of Lane sure seems to bolster that notion, as Snyder is clearly not envisioning the Kents as the elderly "Ma" and "Pa" types.

Other left field casting rumors involve Viggo Mortensen ("Lord of the Rings") allegedly playing General Zod (memorably played by Terence Stamp in "Superman II"), but that seems to be fanboy conjecture at this point.

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