Despite Doughnuts, Everyone Wins on “Biggest Loser”

While Team Unknowns continued its mostly unseen routines with the mystery trainers Tuesday night, the on-ranch crowd had a chance to get the upper hand on “The Biggest Loser.”

Last week, the players training under Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels couldn’t keep up with the hefty weight-loss total of their rivals, thanks largely to Moses’ staggering solo loss of 41 pounds.

This week, the game gave the newly dubbed underdogs the opportunity to break the immunity-bolstered group’s momentum. If Bob and Jillian’s players beat the other team at the weigh-in, they’d win their own immunity and a cash prize of $10,000. If they lost again, they’d have to send another player home and send the big bucks to their competition.

Not a bad incentive for a group that needed some good news. After all, if being down one member wasn’t depressing enough, the on-ranch players also got an earful from Dr. Huizenga about their various weight-related ailments and their “inner ages.”

For instance, 21-year-old Courtney learned that even after losing 100 pounds before she got to the ranch, her current physical state puts her closer to a 40-year-old. And it was even worse for Arthur, 34. Sure, he dropped nearly 150 pounds before the game started, but he’s facing the physical woes of a man 26 years his senior.

Maybe their advanced inner-years explains why Courtney, Arthur and every other member of Bob and Jillian’s training group hardly put up a fight when it came to the weekly challenge, allowing the Unknowns to easily win the oceanfront bridge-building competition and the three-pound advantage that came with it.

But despite that, and despite a doughnut-filled sabotage attempt from the Unknowns, the on-ranch team managed to get ahead where it really counted — on the scale.

With a total team loss of 90 pounds compared to the challenge-inflated total of 82 for the other guys, they won immunity, 10 grand and this week’s bragging rights.

Ree Hines’ favorite moment of the night? Arthur’s smooth, hip-shaking moves on the scale. Follow @ReeHines on Twitter and share your favorite moment.

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