Denzel Washington Might Be Bound for the “Safe House”

Just days after the death of Denzel Washington's longtime agent, Ari Gold Emmanuel is doing his level best to keep the star gainfully employed.

Ed Limato, of William Morris Endeavor, had been Washington's agent for some 20 years. Now with Limato passing, WME co-CEO Emmanuel and partner Patrick Whitesell are busting hump to make sure Washington stays put, promising the actor strong material and big bucks, reported Vulture.

These efforts have Washington in talks to star in "Safe House," about a CIA operative who must go on the run with his prisoner after their South American safe house comes under attack.

Vulture calls it a cross between "Collateral," which was nearly great, and "Three Days of the Condor," which is one of the great thrillers of the '70s.

Washington has, of course, enjoyed his greatest success playing the bad guy, winning an Oscar for his scenery-chewing turn in "Training Day."

The movie is an original script by David Guggenheim, of the writing Guggenheims. His brother Marc penned the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, and Eric wrote the Olympic hockey tearjerker "Miracle" ("The legs feed the wolf!") and now writes for the about-to-be-Emmy-nominated "Modern Family."

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