Denise Richards Returns to Raunchy Role Play

These days, Denise Richards is best known as Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife. But there was a time, fair reader, when she was far more than that. Oh, how she was so much more than that.

Every red-blooded American male under the age of 30 has a very soft spot in their hearts for Ms. Richards. No 17-year old who saw “Wild Things” ever forgot it, I assure you. It was one of those golden moments of filmed sex scenes that brings horny young men together, bound by their collective awe. Like the sex scene in “Risky Business,” it is a pubescent touchstone for an entire generation.

Anyway, Richards’ career has stalled ever since that golden heyday. But since busting loose from Sheen, she may have finally found a suitable career revival project: playin’ a cougar on SpikeTV, the channel designed to cater to men who are EXACTLY like her ex-husband. Richards is going to join the cast of the network’s football comedy, “Blue Mountain State.”

From the intrepid reporters at US Weekly:

The actress, 39, is joining the cast of Spike TV's raunchy football comedy Blue Mountain State in a recurring role as Debra, Ed Marinaro's hot-headed former flame…

"She plays the coach's ex-wife, and I think I sleep with her!" co-star Darin Brooks tells of Richards' role. "She's trying to get back at him…"

The actor -- who has yet to film with Richards -- says she's been getting along famously with the rest of the Blue Mountain State cast.

"Everyone said she was really cool, really nice, it was great to work with her," he tells Us. "I'm really looking forward to sleeping with her!"

Oh, I bet you are. Anyway, this makes perfect sense for Richards. Playing a sexy lady with plenty of bad attitude served her well in “Wild Things,” and in the little-seen-but-appreciated-by-me “Undercover Brother.” There’s no reason this role can’t prove to be a mini-revival for Denise. So long as she’s naked. She IS gonna be naked, right?

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