D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly Bring Back the “Cutting Edge” Magic

Ever since 1992's "Cutting Edge" brought a romantic comedy on skates, a legion of fans has called for movie's stars D.B Sweeney and Moira Kelly to reunite on film. We finally get a sequel, of sorts, in the Sweeney-directed "Two Tickets to Paradise."

Sweeney says the two have been trying to work together on a new "Cutting Edge" for years, but all the projects were really dull.

"We had an unwritten agreement that neither of us was going to do a sequel to the 'Cutting Edge' without the other person," Sweeney tells PopcornBiz. '"And people came to us with 'Cutting Edge II' and 'Cutting Edge III.' But the scripts were terrible."

"So it was easy for both of us to say no," he adds. "But we were always disappointed."

The two kept the project on the hopeful "back burner" until Sweeney saw his moment with his film 'Two Tickets to Paradise.' Kelly agreed to take the part of his slacker-character's wife in the movie and even named the wife character as Kate, the same Kelly's 'Cutting Edge' ice skater persona.

She has a key role in the beginning of the film, out today on DVD, that sets Sweeney on his journey for the road trip movie.

But while the odd couple famously got together at the end of the skating classic, even kissing on ice for the film's final scene -- it's not a happy get together in 'Paradise.'

"After the 'Cutting Edge' everyone is hoping it's happily ever after, so it's a little bit of a surprise in this," says Sweeney.

While not entirely a sequel, there are similarities. Kelly once again plays an ice queen and Sweeney is a regular guy.

"The similarities are there so much, I didn't feel the need to underline it," he says. "I thought it would be good to echo these characters without aping it too much."

But one thing is clear, the couple's chemistry remains and Kelly still looks amazing 18 year after the original -- especially when she shows of a lot of herself in one of the movie's racier moments.

"She's a beautiful woman, and this with two kids and everything," marvels Sweeney. "She's a very good looking…26-year-old."

While he's not great at math, Sweeney is right on that point.

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