Did David Hasselhoff Officially Change His Name to David Hoff?

David Hasselhoff says he's tired of the "Hassel."

In a YouTube video posted Thursday, the former "Baywatch" star claims he's officially changed his name, after "wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years." He even proudly displays a certificate as proof his name change is real.

That announcement was soon followed by a Twitter message from (Hassel)Hoff proclaiming what a "massive relief" it now is to be formally known as David Hoff.

So The Hoff is now officially just Hoff?

Not so fast Hassel-haters.

According to Hasselhoff's rep, the video is an excerpt from an ad campaign that launches in Australia this weekend. "David is just having some fun and more will be revealed in the next 24 hours," publicist Judy Katz said in an email to NBC Owned Television Stations.

It's not the first time the 63-year-old "Knight Rider" actor has had fun with his moniker for an advertising campaign.

Explaining a partnership with Clorox in which he appeared in a series of Vine clips for the brand, Hasselhoff told Yahoo in March that "the tone of this thing is a lot of fun. You know, my name is Hasselhoff, so I took the 'hassel' out of the 'hoff,' and I [became] The Hoff. Now I'm taking the hassle out of cleaning and it’s a way to kind of interact with my fans and get in people’s faces in a fun way."

Name-change jokes aside, Hasselhoff says he is actually proud of his last name and the recognition it receives around the world.

"[Hollywood] wanted me to change the name Hasselhoff, but I kept the name because I took so much crap for it in high school and now Hasselhoff has made me a fortune," he told Yahoo. "It’s just amazing that I kept it and, honest to God, I kept it because I thought, 'No, my mom and dad gave me this name, I’m not going to change my name, and I think I’ve gained a little payback now.'"

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