“DWTS” Contender Rick Fox and “Glee” Star Team Up in Horror Flick

A collaboration between a “Dancing With the Stars” contender and a Broadway star headed to “Glee” – and there’s no dancing?

Nope, but it’s still a killer combo: a horror film produced by former Los Angeles Laker and “DWTS” hoofer-in-training Rick Fox and starring Cheyenne Jackson, the musical theater showstopper who’ll be popping up as rival glee club coach on this season’s “Glee.”

“This is my very first actual movie-producing effort,” Fox told Popcorn Biz about “Hysteria,” which had its first screening at the terror flick film festival Screamfest last week. “After years of being here as a Laker in L.A. and having the desire to be behind the camera after being in front of the camera, I retired [from sports] and I came up with the business idea of actually creating my first horror film.”

The film’s story centers on a group of twentysomethings reuniting for a 10-year high school reunion where, for some, the answer to the “where are they now?” question turns out to be “dead.”

“It was a new entry point for me,” said Fox. “Through that experience I learned a lot about the genre. And so I'm looking forward to continuing on in it. I'm obviously more experienced and more intelligent for it. That's the exciting part of making a movie is that you go, 'Oh, okay. There's so much here that allows me to step into the next one and take bigger risks and tell bigger stories.'”

“Rick was very hands-on, and it was really fun,” said Jackson. “And I always wanted to do a movie where I was covered with blood and running upstairs and screaming. It was more of a psychological story than a blood and guts kind of thing, and it’s a genre that I’ve always had an affinity for.”


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