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'She's Taught Me Lessons About Love': Cory Booker Confirms Relationship With Rosario Dawson

DeGeneres suggested the couple should get married in the White House

Well, Cory and Rosario are now "Ellen" official.

Rumors have circulated for weeks that U.S. senator and democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker is dating film star Rosario Dawson. On Wednesday, Booker went on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and confirmed the news.

"It came out recently that you're dating Rosario Dawson," DeGeneres prodded Booker. "That was something that you were trying to keep private... then she opened her big mouth"

"No, no she got TMZ'd," Booker laughed. "She was visiting me in D.C. and she got ambushed at the airport. But it was wonderful. She's just an incredible human being. She's a deeply soulful person who's taught me a lot of lessons about love already."

DeGeneres then suggested Booker and Dawson should wait on any potential wedding plans until after he lives in the White House.

"That would be an amazing wedding to have in the White House. I mean...we would watch," DeGeneres said. "That would be like our royal wedding."

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