Connecticut Groom Sings Father-Daughter Song at Wedding

Andrew Meadows' bride, Kelly, lost her mother over a year ago, so he wanted to do something special for her father at their wedding in Winsted, Connecticut, on Friday.

Microphone in hand, Andrew, 25, surprised his father-in-law, Kenny Kindschi, 58, by singing "Your Daddy's Boots" as Kindschi and Kelly, 31, swayed during the traditional father-daughter dance at the Durham couple's wedding at Crystal Peak. Kelly's aunt, Lisa Ross, captured the moment on video and posted it on YouTube.

Meadows said he had found the Dustin Lynch song and shared it with Kelly, who loved the song and the idea of surprising her dad.

"I really wanted to make it as personal as I could," Meadows said in a message to NBC Connecticut on Facebook.

Kelly Meadows' mother, Joni Kindschi, died on April 1, 2014 of stage-four lung cancer, at the age of 57 and Andrew Meadows said his father-in-law, as well as the rest of the family, took it very hard.

"I just wanted him to really know how much he is loved and that he's always been a good father to his children," Meadows said.

[HAR] The Wedding of Andrew and Kelly Meadows

Andrew met Kelly at her grandfather's 80th birthday back in 2012 and he said he knew that night that she was the girl he wanted to marry.

"I was so nervous that I never got her number that night and I had to beg her family to find her," Meadows recalls. "Then we ran into each other a couple weeks later at the Durham Fair and I haven't left her side since!"

Coincidentally, Andrew proposed to Kelly on April 1, 2013,  the year before Kelly's mom passed away. Because of the date, Kelly thought it was an April Fools' Day joke, he said. But, she said yes.

The father-daughter dance meant a lot to her because of losing her mom the year to the date after getting engaged.

"She was our biggest fan," Andrew said of Kelly's mom.

As for his father-in-law's reaction to the surprise?

Kindschi didn't even know Andrew could sing, so it was "a wonderful surprise" and he was "extremely touched," Meadows said.

Now Dustin Lynch himself knows Andrew can sing too and shared the YouTube video of Andrew singing "Your Daddy's Boots" on his Facebook page.

“Hey Andrew – awesome job (flexed muscle emoticon) congrats!,” he posted.

As a fan of his music, Andrew was ecstatic. So was Kelly, who commented on the post, “Maybe you and Andrew can sing it together for me at the Oakdale in December Dustin Lynch!?!  (smiley face emoji) (heart emoticon)."

Whether a duet with Lynch is also in Meadow's future remains to be seen.

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