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Tech Companies Roll Out Gags for April Fools' Day

Global tech companies take a break from churning out profits once a year to have fun with their customers on April Fools' Day, NBC News reported. 

This year, Amazon introduced "Petlexa," a gag that would ostensibly allow pets to interact with the company's Alexa product. 

T-Mobile, which likes to talk about its complete network coverage, touted a wearable magenta onesie that would make CEO John Legere proud.

"You'll look hot as an unlimited human hotspot," a fake commercial promises.

And food delivery service DoorDash introduced "Meal Override Mode," or M.O.M.

In the feature, children have to practice math when ordering food, are forced to add at least one handful of veggies to their order and while they wait for delivery, will be given a list of chores they can do and the estimated time it will take to do them.

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