Get Ready to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for Another Year

Larry David will be coming back for another season of bearing his lesser angels for your entertainment on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

“Larry always loves to paint himself into a corner, and after the incredibly wonderful seventh season of CURB, you have to ask, ‘How does he ever top this?’  But he always finds a way.  We can’t wait to see what he does in season eight,” gushed Michael Lombardo, president of Programming Group and West Coast Operations for HBO in a press release.

“After much soul searching – and by the way, it was nowhere to be found – I have decided to do another season of CURB,” added David.  “I look forward to the end of shooting, when I can once again resume the hunt for my elusive soul.  I know it’s here somewhere or perhaps in the rugged mountainous regions of Pakistan.”

Larry David stands as that rare genius behind not one but two legendary shows, having first achieved greatness as co-creator of "Seinfeld," which was really the decaf version "Curbed," starring Jason Alexander as the toned-down version of the self-absorbed monster David portrays with such gusto.

There's no word yet on whether Larry and Cheryl will be reconciling, though smart money says no.

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