Colbert and Stewart Sign Up For Another Term

Finally some good political news -- we can count on both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to continue to give hilarious analysis and fake news through through the next election.

Comedy Central announced today that they have extended the dynamic duo's contract. Stewart's extension will keep him a the helm of the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" through June 2013 where he serves as writer, executive producer and host. Colbert will stay at the "The Colbert Report" through the end of 2012, where he too serves as EP, writer and host.

This means the two will be finding plenty of good fodder through the 2012 election or "Indecision 2012." So no matter how ugly the politics get -- and it's getting pretty ugly -- we'll still have a reason to laugh at it for at least a few more years.

While you might not always agree with their politics, or in Colbert's case his brilliantly fake politics, you have to admit these guys are pretty funny. Colbert is simply the best interviewer on television today and is so quick on his feet it's alarming at times. Long may the fake news reign.

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