Chris Evans Talks Playing Captain America, Pranking His Brother on Fallon

Both Chris Evans and his brother Scott revealed some embarrassing stories about each other.

Chris Evans talked about the challenges of playing Captain America and revealed childhood pranks he played on his younger during his appearance on "The Tonight Show."

First, Fallon asked how the Marvel Comics hero's story in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" differed from previous movies.

"They tried to make him more badass," Evans said. "Over the evolution of Cap we tried to evolve his fight style so we tried to do more gymnastics."

"You were flipping around, balance beam," Fallon joked.

"I had a whole ribbon routine," Evans said humorously, adding that those scenes didn't make the final cut.

Then, Fallon asked how often he hit the gym while filming.

"You do have to work out," Evans said. "I'd say 2 months prior to filming you try and get into the best shape you can but as you start filming you coldly decrease because you're working so hard and I think about three to four weeks before wrapping you pull the plug and then you're done."

Getting back to the movie's storyline, Fallon asked for more details about the new film.

"I don't want to give too much away, Marvel is very hush hush," Evans said. "Instead of Captain America adjusting to technology, it's more about understanding the company he works for. I think that given the fact that Steve Rogers is from the '40s, it's a question of morality. "

"You did a great job of not describing the movie at all," Fallon said.

"That's what Marvel makes you do!" Evans said.

After the interview, Jimmy asked Chris Evans' brother, Scott, to come out and play the sibling-wed game, where each brother was asked the same question and the other had to give the same answer.

Both revealed some embarrassing stories about each other. Chris Evans also confesses to some pretty mean pranks. Watch below.

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