Update: As Predicted, the “Thor” Footage From Comic-Con Is No More

Update: We knew it was too good to be true and it was, the footage from "Thor" that was unveiled at Comic-COn enjoyed a short life in cyber-space. Alas...

At long last we're getting a peek at "Thor" that shows some promise that film just may turn out to be the grand epic we're all hoping for. Unfortunately, there's an excellent chance it will disappear soon.

The folks at Trailer Addict managed to get their hands on the five-minute trailer for "Thor" that Marvel unveiled at their Comic-Con panel. The quality's pretty good as long as you don't try to go full-screen. And while there's a lot of yawn-inducing backstory (did you know Thor was once a hobo?), there's also a far amount of the God of Thunder wielding his mighty Mjolnir.

As /Film notes, this probably is not a sanctioned release of the footage and it could disappear at any moment, but it's here now, so enjoy it while you can.

Check it out...

"Thor" drops the hammer May 6, 2011.

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