Winning? Charlie Sheen Debuts Live-Stream “Talk Show”

Charlie Sheen claims to have tiger blood and Adonis DNA. And now he has his own live-streaming web show.

The embattled actor debuted a live UStream Internet show Saturday night, which he called a "maiden madcap experiment."

Ever since Sheen took to the airwaves following a recent stint in rehab, he's been a talkative fellow.

During the 50-minute webisode, dubbed "Sheen’s Korner," he continued to talk the talk.

"There's been a lot of wordsmithing that has fallen gracefully from this beautiful hole," he said. "It has caught on like an absolute global wildfire."

As recently as two weeks ago, Sheen was the highest-paid actor on television, earning $1.2 million an episode for his highly rated sitcom “Two and a Half Men.”

Saturday night's performance made Sheen zilch, though the show did manage to attract 150,000 viewers at its peak.

"Sheen's Korner" was a pantomime of the late-night talk show format. Sheen sat at a desk with a microphone in what appeared to be his living room surrounded by a fleet of sidekicks and yes-men.

There was Natalie Kenly – one of his two 20-something “goddess” girlfriends – his right-hand man Rick Calamaro, and a sound guy who played clips of crickets, farts, and other random sounds.

Wearing a gray fedora and black tee shirt with a neon green dollar sign, the 45-year-old Sheen revealed a new tattoo on his left wrist with one of his favorite catch phrases: “Winning.”

But by the end of the program, Sheen and his band of misfits were losing. They were hemorrhaging viewers and eventually ran out of material.

Thirty minutes later, "Saturday Night Live" parodied "Sheen's Korner," and got a lot more laughs than the actual program. 

Sheen has been dominating the 24-hour news cycle during the last week thanks to his twitchy radio and TV interviews and off-the-wall monologues and diatribes.

But, duh! Not all the press coverage is "winning."

In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, the founder of the website Jezebel pointed out that all joking aside, Sheen has a long history of domestic abuse.

Over the past 20 years, Sheen has been accused of shooting a fiancée, hitting a college student in the head after she declined his advances, throwing a porn star to the floor, and threatening to kill former wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

Just this week, Mueller told police that Sheen threatened to cut her head off, “put it in a box and send it to your mom.” Mueller was granted a temporary restraining order against the actor and the couple’s twin toddlers were removed from his home.

As for his budding Internet TV career, Sheen said during the UStream broadcast that “Sheen’s Korner” may return on a daily basis depending on viewer reaction.

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