Charlie Day: Breaking New Ground in Movie Scenes From the Toilet Seat

Sure there have been movie scenes where a character has sat on a toilet seat. But there has never been a movie scene where two characters talk about true love with one character sitting on the toilet seat.

Until Charlie Day's performance in "Going the Distance."

In the romantic comedy opening Friday, Day talks about love with his roommate Justin Long while Day is doing his business (with the door open, mind you). The star of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is very proud of the scene.

"That Academy might not notice it now," Day tells PopcornBiz. "But when the lifetime achievement award comes around, they certainly will."

"There have been scenes on the toilet before," he adds. "But there is no precedent for sage wisdom from the toilet in movies."

Day was happy with the humorous scene, despite some initial reservations.

"I thought it turned out really funny," he says. "But it was something in the script we were not so sure about."

They key was not to lose the scene to gutter (or toilet) humor, so it took a little last-minute script revising.

"We thought we could make it work if we were talking about his relationship and the fact that he had finally said 'I love you" and that's a big deal and I just happen to be sitting on the toilet," says Day.

"We managed to pull it off."

He even managed to feel at ease during the scene.

"It was not awkward," says Day. "I'm extremely proud of the sight of my thighs."

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