Celebs Tweet Memorial Day Support For Fallen U.S. Soldiers

This Memorial Day, celebrities weren't just grilling hamburgers and jet setting around the world.

Several stars took the opportunity this holiday to remember why so many take the day off from work today – to commemorate U.S. soldiers who died in the course of duty.

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Comedians were some of the most frequent Tweeters to honor our fallen soldiers.

"Community's" Joel McHale wrote, "Happy Memorial day. If you're a veteran or serving in the armed forces, & I see u, I'm going 2 hug u whether u like it or not."

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"The View's" Sherri Shepherd Tweeted, "A special shout out to anyone who has served or is currently serving in our armed forces. Thank you for keeping us safe. God Bless You"

Mindy Kaling from "The Office" set aside her usual wittiness today, writing, "My earnest thanks to all who serve. Happy Memorial Day, wherever you are. love, Mindy"

One of the first Tweets of the morning came from cyclist Lance Armstrong, who wrote: "Wishing you all a great Memorial Day. Thanks to all that have served our great country."

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Some celebrities really took the time to string together several Tweets to create a longer message to honor the holiday.

For example, Zachary Levi wrote, "Thank you to all our service men and women. Thank you to the wounded. Thank you to the fallen. Thank you to all those that have served… And to all those that still do. You keep us safe from those that mean us harm. You are heroes. Blessings on you and your families."

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And "American Idol" runner-up David Archuleta wrote one of the day's most profound Tweets: "On this memorial day it's so important to remember all of the brave men and women who gave their lives because they believed in life, liberty, and all the amazing freedoms we all have in this great country that we live in today. I hope we can all pause a bit. From our activities to remember them and give thanks to each soldier who has fought, and to those who are out there today… As well as their families who've sacrificed so much for each of us. Let's Keep them and their families in our prayers! We owe them"

In fact, the "American Idol" contingency was one of the most active communities honoring Memorial Day this year. Former judge Paula Abdul even provided a short history lesson: "Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day! Many thanks and lots of love to all the men and women in service! xoP"

Jordin Sparks wrote: "I want 2 say #thankyou 2 all the troops & those who serve. You fight 2 keep us safe & risk your lives 4 a stranger-me. Thank you so much. <3 Also, thanks to @brianohler who serves in the army. He's done 2 tours in Iraq so I feel pretty secure with him around. Thanks B! :)"

And Chris Daughtry wrote: "Happy Memorial day!!!! Grateful to everyone who has served our country & those who continue to serve our country! YOU are true superheroes"

And the above was just the tip of the iceberg – remembrance this holiday was the most popular topic for celebrities to draw upon in their Tweets.

Below are even more Tweets from celebrities honoring our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day…

Shanna Moakler:
"Happy memorial Day! A big thank you to all the Men and Woman who serve and make our country proud! past and present! #fb"

Hugh Hefner: "Memorial Day brings back memories of World War 2 and Basic Training at Fort Hood for me."

Stephanie Pratt: "Happy Memorial Day everyone!! Hugeee thank u to those that have sacrificed for our freedom! God Bless America!!! XOXO"

Kirstie Alley: "SOOO many people have given their lives to let the rest of us live in freedom…without them, we would not have a beer in our hand laughing."

Aisha Tyler: "I want to thank everyone who has served or is currently serving in our armed forces — thank you for all the… http://bit.ly/9JMBgp"

Nicky Hilton: "Happy Memorial Day! Let's celebrate all the brave men and women who serve our country!"

Apolo Anton Ohno: "Bowing head in honor of those who have fallen and given their lives for our country. Real heroes."

Alyssa Milano: "To the men and women of our military, thank you for your service. I appreciate you. #MemorialDay"

Jon Favreau: "Thank you to the men and women who serve in the military in these challenging times. Thank you to those who sacrificed."

Gilles Marini: My prayers and thanks goes to all the soliders that gave there life for our freedom. America freed my country "France" during the 2 world war and for ever I will be grateful

Travis Barker: "Happy Memorial Day! Thank you 2 those who serve or have served our country. To those we've lost, we honor you!"

Chad Ochocinco: "#memorialDay special prayers and thanks for the soldiers who died and fot those who still fight to protect this country #isaluteyouall"

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