Donald Trump

Shock and Dismay: Celebrities React to Presidential Election

Cher seemed to be in disbelief, calling the idea of Donald Trump winning a nightmare

As election night shock morphed into reality, many celebrities took to social media Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Some expressed disbelief, while others shared disgust with the results. A few even said they were fearful of what a Trump presidency might mean.

Actress Rose McGowan called the media to task, saying it had a hand in the election outcome. 

"You are causing a worldwide sickness. You are POISONING us as sure as Flint is poisoning its citizens," McGowan wrote. 

Author Stephen King tweeted "No more book recommendations, politics, or amusing dog pictures for the immediate future. I'm shutting down."

Others celebrities chimed in across various social media platforms.

Cher seemed to be in disbelief, calling the news a nightmare, while Katy Perry tweeted, without explaining, that "the revolution is coming." In another tweet she said, "we will never be silenced." 

But not every celebrity was upset.

Kid Rock, meanwhile, made a resounding endorsement for himself, writing, "VOTE KID ROCK." 

As news outlets began to call Trump the winner, Steven Seagall tweeted his congratulations, adding, "Looking forward to making AMERICA great again!"

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