Canadian Food Company Recalls Slew of Meat Products Sold in California

The salami, mortadella and ham made its way into California without a proper USDA border inspection

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A Canadian food company is recalling a glut of product after almost 9,000 pounds of its meat passed through US borders without receiving a proper import inspection.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) never officially approved eight kinds of Santa Maria Foods Corporation’s salami, mortadella and ham -- all of which made their ways into Arizona, California and Florida, as well as a handful of countries overseas.

“Without full inspection, a remote possibility of adverse health consequences exists,” according to a release, issued Saturday by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

FSIS is responsible for “ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of meat” and other products, according to its website. Inspectors ensure products are accurately labeled and able to be distributed and sold throughout the US.

The products subject to recall include Santa Maria Foods':

  • Sopressata Salami, code: 2014AL30
  • Milano Salami, code: 2014JN17
  • Calabrese Salami Hot, code: 2014JL08 / 2014JN17
  • Sopressata Round, code: 2014JL22
  • Sopressata Salami, code: 2014JL09
  • Mortadella with Pistachios, code: 2014AL09
  • Cooked Ham, code: 2014AL05 / 2014AL10 / 2014AL10 / 2014AL10 / 2014AL22
  • Mortadella, code: 2014MR20

The product, according to the release, made it to California because an independent third-party carrier never presented the meat for inspection at the U.S.-Canada border.

Packages in California will bear the Canadian establishment numbers 340 or 224 -- and most will prominently feature the logo "Mastro." Consumers can view all the affected labels here.

The company and FSIS have not yet received any reports of illness or other harm with regard to consumption of the meats in question.

Anyone with questions regarding refunds -- or the recall in general -- are encouraged to reach out to Santa Maria Foods directly at 888-886-4428.

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