Facebook Campaign Aims to Bring “Modern Family” Kiss for Cam and Mitchell

Facebook worked wonders for getting Betty White on "SNL," and now the voice of the people is moving onto a new campaign -- Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family!

The new Facebook page has more than 1,500 supporters and counting.

The gay couple on the hit show "have not been shown sharing even a brief kiss throughout the series' first hit season," the page's information section states.

"ABC isn't afraid of gay characters, so why won't they let them show some love?" says the page.

Indeed, while ABC has allowed the creation of this great comedic duo -- who have even gone so far to adopt a daughter together on the show -- many sides of the relationship are left in a convenient, traditional-Disney blur. The lack of kissing is just one of these.

Some day this may be considered as odd as putting Rob and Laura Petrie in separate marital beds on the "Dick Van Dyke Show"

The tipping point for this Cam and Mitchell campaign might have come in the hilarious Hawaiian vacation episode last week. Two couples came together dramatically at the airport: straight couple Claire and Phil kissed passionately. Gay couple Cam and Mitchell were relegated to a hug

Just let them kiss already!

This is going to be a higher Facebook mountain to climb than Betty White, but could be a lot of fun to see if it works.

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