Bonnie & Clyde's Guns Up for Auction

Weapons expected to bring six figures

Nearly 80 years after their deaths, two dozen items associated with notorious bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde are up for auction.

The pair are well-known for robbing dozens of Depression-era banks while leaving in their wake numerous dead bodies before they were killed in an ambush in 1934 by a posse of law enforcement that included a former Texas Ranger.

According to a report on NPR, the posse was allowed to keep whatever they found in the Bonnie and Clyde death car -- and that included dozens of weapons.

Those weapons, and numerous other items including a pair of Bonnie Parker's silk stockings, wanted posters, photographs and a watch, are now being offered up to collectors.

Many of the wanted posters are expected to go for only a few hundred dollars, but several of the handguns are expected to sell for tens of thousands of dollars if not more.

At this time, the .38 Special found taped to Parker's leg is at $80,000 but expected to be sold for 2 to 3 times that amount.  Also up for sale are Clyde Barrow's .38 Special and his 1911 Army Colt .45 pistol as well as several other handguns.

See the items up for auction here.

Absentee online bidding takes place until 6 p.m. CT on Sept. 29. Live bidding starts at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, NH, on Sept. 30.

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