Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Shines In “Tamara Drewe” Short Shorts

Gemma Arterton might have been the hottie in "The Prince of Persia" and the Bond Girl in "Quantum of Solace" but that didn't make taking a long walk in short shorts any easier in "Tamara Drewe."

When PopcornBiz asked Arterton how hard it was filming her pivotal and very noticeable shorts scene from the excellent British film which opened Friday, she laughed.

"Anything like that is always hard," she told us. "Especially on a set filled with middle-aged men."

She did try to do some deflection that day on the set.

"That day I tried to get everyone to wear hot pants," she says. "Funnily enough, I was the only one that showed up in them."

But the scene is crucial for the movie based on the comic strip serial by the same name published in the UK's The Guardian newspaper (a serial which is a modern reworking of Thomas Hardy's novel "Far from the Madding Crowd").

"It is an iconic scene, but it's also an important scene in the story," she says. "It's on the posters and in the trailer. It's the scene that grabs everyone's attention."

As for preparation, she modestly points out, "there probably wasn't enough."

Arterton adds that the strutting shows a lot about her character, who is truly insecure at the time.

"She's still desperate (in the scene)," she says. "That's the reason she provocatively walks around in those shorts. She needs attention. She needs affirmation. That's what drives her. "

Arterton might be different on the inside. But on the outside she's hoping viewers see a similarity.

"I hope so," she says. "Tamara's fit. She's really hot in some scenes."

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