Bon Jovi's Nice Day Ruined by Forbes' Snub: Report

Rocker's rep denies complaining about omission

Forbes dealt Jon Bon Jovi a shot to the heart when it left him off its lists of most powerful celebs and richest rockers, according to a report.

The New Jersey rock and roller couldn't believe the venerable mag was snubbed, and had his people go right to the source to complain, according to the New York Post.

"Jon kicked up a huge fuss and got his people to complain," a source told the Post. "He couldn't understand why he didn't make the musicians list since Bon Jovi has been touring nonstop since February. Their contemporaries U2 and Bruce Springsteen were on the list. Even Britney Spears was No. 5, and she hasn't done anything this year."

It had to be a real ego blow to Bon Jovi, given that Britney Spears made the July 16 list of the top 12 earning musicians list in a year in which she barely worked. U2 topped the list, followed by AC/DC. Beyoce and Bon Jovi's Garden State bro Bruce Springsteen placed third and fourth.

A Bon Jovi rep denied that the singer or his band griped about the snub, but vowed that next year, things will change.

"That's ridiculous," the rep told the Post. "Last year, the band took an eight-month break from touring, so there was no expectation that they would rank on this year's list.

"Next year, different story -- their current tour is No. 1 in North America right now and No. 2 worldwide."

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