“Boardwalk Empire” Is Lousy With 23042

From the weird,/amusing/innocuous file comes the news that more than one car in "Boardwalk Empire," Martin Scorsese's new HBO series about the birth of Atlantic City, bears the same license plate number.

"Boardwalk" has been shooting all over Brooklyn, most recently in an unoccupied building that was once an old folks' home out in Bed-Stuy, right on Stuyvesant Avenue. Lots of old-timey cars were on the streets tonight, two of them sporting the exact same tag, 23042.

if you look closely you'll see they are not the same car at all, so it's not a matter of needing to wreck one or being used as a decoy by a character in the film.

It's possible they haven't yet decided which model car to go with, but if that's the case they'd better get down to business, 'cause the meter's running and this economy the last thing you wanna do is play eenie-meanie-minie-moe while a bunch of union guys stand around in the cold.

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