“Big Brother” Actually Housing a “Saboteur” Sleeper Cell

You might think that the reality show "Big Brother" is a bunch of vain, moronic narcissists locked in a house together making glorious/terrible television.

But in the 12th season, there is so much more! Along with the usual array of wannabes, the show's producers will plant a character with the direct purpose to shake up the house -- with radical cues and direction shifts fed directly to them from the viewers at home.

Yes, fans of "Big Brother," there is a secret, destructive agent working for you -- doing the collective bidding of the viewership. He or she will be known as the big brother "saboteur," according to CBS.com. The website spells out that we can actually use the mole to "wreak havoc." I didn't even know I had a "kill" button on my remote control, but I plan to use it. A lot.

We'll all find out who the secret agent will be after the July 15 live broadcast. And then we'll find out how to command our secret agent and presumably where to have the arms shipment delivered.

You might say that stupid reality show twists are for the feeble-minded. Sign me up!

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