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‘We Will Prevail': Vice President Biden Makes First Public Comments on Paris Terror Attacks During LA Visit

"We own the finish line," Biden said

In a visit to Los Angeles Monday, Vice President Joe Biden made his first public comments about Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris.

He expressed confidence in an ultimate outcome and concern over the reaction here and abroad.

"We will prevail," Biden said. “It will take a while to root this out in the Middle East, but we own the finish line."

Biden’s visit to LA was intended as a roundtable on clean technology with Mayor Eric Garcetti, but the terror attacks in Paris were on everyone’s minds.

"Not only because Nohemi Gonzalez was from Los Angeles and Cal State Long Beach, but that an attack on that city is an attack on all of us," Garcetti said.

Biden attempted to assure a nervous public, claiming the U.S. and its allies would ultimately be victorious against jihadist terrorists, such as the Islamic state.

"The moment we give in and change anything about the openness of our society is the moment they win," Biden said.

Biden did not speak directly to criticism coming from congressional Republicans, as well as a few high-ranking Democrats, who believe the Obama administration hasn't done enough to address the threat posed by ISIS.

He did however defend the administration's policy going forward.

"There has been progress," Biden said. “They have 25 percent of the geography than they earlier had and that will continue to dwindle."

Mayor Garcetti said he also visited with the French Consul General Monday to formally extend the city's condolences over what took place Friday.

A candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the attack was scheduled for Tuesday night outside LA City Hall at 5:30 p.m. 

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