Beyonce Possibly Responds to Lip-Syncing Controversy Through Sweatshirt

We've heard what stars like Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Lopez have to say about Beyonce's lip-syncing controversy, but what does Bey have to say about it?

Technically, nothing, but that won't stop the singer from posting cryptic photos on Instagram.

After her performance of the national anthem created some buzz and, furthermore, questioning about whether or not Jay-Z's wife would also lip-sync her upcoming Super Bowl performance, the celeb posted a photo of herself that just might be a response to all the fuss.

Bey resurfaces after lip-syncing controversy with Twitpic from New Orleans

In a black-and-white photo Blue Ivy's mom wore a sweatshirt that simply asked, "Can I live?"

Well, can she?!

The post was one of many photos that the star began posting on Friday during her Super Bowl rehearsal, which from the looks of it, seems like it's going to be one massive (possibly live) performance.

Check out Beyonce's great style!

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