Best Moments of Winter Olympics Past

Check out these photos of the greatest Olympic moments in history going back as far as the 1920s.

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Relive some classic Olympic moments from games gone by. Salt Lake City 2002: American Sarah Hughes glides across the ice in her famous gold medal winning routine that put her on top of Michelle Kwan.
Lillehammer 1994: Still rebounding from the Nancy Kerrigan scandal, Tonya Harding missed her opening jump because of a broken lace. Harding tearfully stopped mid-program and asked the referee for permission to find a new lace.
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Lillehammer 1994: Oksana Baiul from Ukraine reacts after besting favorite Nancy Kerrigan to win the gold in figure skating.
Lillehammer 1994: Tonya Harding passes Nancy Kerrigan during practice without speaking following the discovery of the Harding scandal. Harding's ex-boyfriend attacked Kerrigan with a metal pipe to try to improve Harding's chances in the Games. Kerrigan still took the silver in Women's figure skating singles.
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Salt Lake City 2002: Steven Bradbury wins Australia's first ever Winter Gold Medal after expected winner American Apolo Ohno scrambles to get up after a collision with other skaters. Ohno came in second.
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Nagano 1998: Jonathan Collomb-Patton from France competes in snowboarding, the first year the sport was included in the Olympics.
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St. Moritz 1928: French figure skaters Andree Joly and Pierre Brunet are on their way to winning the gold in the Pairs Figure Skating event. Costumes have come a long way since then.
Calgary 1998: The famous Jamaican bobsled team debuts at the Calgary Olympics, inspiring the movie Cool Runnings. Although they didn't finish the race after losing control of the sled, they famously walked to the finish line with the sled in hand.
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Salt Lake City 2002: American speedskating star Apolo Ohno celebrates after winning the gold medal in the 1,500 m final.
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Nagano 1998: French ice dancers Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat compete to win the bronze. The two would go on to win the gold in 2002.
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Nagano 1998: Canadian Brendan Shanahan despairs after missing a key shot in an overtime shootout, losing the gold medal to the Czech Republic.
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Garmisch 1936: The Austrian delegation gives the Nazi salute during the opening ceremony. The '36 Olympics were tense, as Nazi sentiments were on the rise, including bias against Jewish and Black athletes.
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Nagano 1998: The Canada's Men's Short Track Speed Skating team celebrates after winning the gold in the relay event.
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Grenoble 1968: American skating star Peggy Fleming performs during her gold medal winning routine. Fleming's medal was the only gold the United States won that year, partially because the the tragic 1961 plane crash that killed the whole U.S. figure skating team.
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Lake Placid 1980: The United States hockey team celebrates after defeating Finland 4-2 to take the gold.
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Calgary 1998: American skating star Brian Boitano performing his gold medal winning singles routine. Boitano was known for his technical jumping that revolutionized the sport.
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Grenoble 1968: France's skiing legend Jean-Claude Killy relaxes between events. Killy swept the Alpine events, winning gold medals in Giant Slalom, Slalom and Downhill.
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Sarajevo 1984: American skating superstar Scott Hamilton performs in his gold medal winning routine. Hamilton later gained even more fame after battling testicular cancer and returning to skating after treatment.
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Lillehammer 1994: Norwegian athlete Bjorn Daehlie collapses on the finish line after finishing fourth in the Men's 50 k Cross Country Skiing event.
Salt Lake City 2002: Patric-Fritz Leitner and Alexander Resch of Germany celebrate after winning the gold in the Men's Doubles Luge event.
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St. Moritz 1928: Austrians Lilly Scholz and Otto Kaiser compete during the Pair's Figure Skating event in a routine that would win them the silver medal.
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Lake Placid 1932: A rider competes in the Dog Sled Racing exhibition event, which was the only time Dog Sled Racing has been included in the Games.
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Sarajevo 1984: British skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean during their gold-winning Ice Dancing performance.
Calgary 1988:Joakim Karlberg of Sweden falls as he is passed up by USSR skater Andrey Bobrov.
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St. Moritz 1928: French and British hockey teams are seen back in the day when protective wear meant two thin shirts and winter hats. France won against the British, 3-2.
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Lillehammer 1994: Skating legend Katarina Witt waves to the crowd after her free program to "Where Have All the Flowers Gone," said to be a celebration for the freedom of East Germany. Witt represented East Germany in '84 and '88.
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Calgary 1988: American Debra Thomas twirls during the "battle of the Carmens" - Thomas and East German skating legend Katarina Witt, both independently chose to skate to music of Bizet's opera Carmen in their long program. Witt won, and Thomas took the bronze.
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St. Moritz 1928: American John O'Neil Farreil during the 500 m Speed Skating event. Farreil won the bronze despite the event being canceled in the 5th heat due to the ice thawing.
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Albertville 1992: Russian Natalia Mishkutenok is lifted by her partner Artur Dmitriev in a pairs routine that would win the couple a gold medal.
Lillehammer 1994: Sweden's hockey team celebrates after beating Canada 3-2 in an overtime shootout in the final to win the gold.
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St. Moritz 1928: The Skijoering event, an event where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, was a demonstration and marked the only time the sport has been included in the Games.
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Nagano 1998: Exhausted, Norwegian skier Bjoern Daehlie falls at the end of the 50 km Free Cross Country race after winning the gold.
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St. Moritz 1928: The Polish 4-Man Bobsled team crashes after failing to corner.
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Albertville 1992: Jari Isometsa of Finland celebrates after winning the bronze in the 4x10 km relay.
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Nagano 1998: French Bobsled team Bruno Mingeon, Emmanuel Hostache, Eric Le Chanony and Max Robert celebrate after they tied with Great Britain for the bronze medal.
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Garmisch 1936: The British Ice Hockey team went on to win the gold.
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Albertville 1992: Korean Ki-Hoon Kim celebrates after winning the gold in the 1,000m event in Short Track Speed Skating.
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Garmisch 1936: German skier Christl Cranz speeds past a Nazi flag during the Alpine Combined event to win the gold medal in the event.
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Lake Placid 1980: Alexander Tikhonov of the USSR competes in the biathlon. Tikhonov won four gold medals in relay events over four Games, and a silver in the 20 km individual event in 1968.
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Sarajevo 1984: Both of the American Mahre twin brothers won medals in Alpine Skiing events.
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Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956: Austrian Toni Sailer speeds downhill to become the youngest Olympic skiing champion in 1956. Moments before the event one of his ski straps broke, and Italian coach Hansl Senger took a strap from his own skis and gave it to Sailer. Sailer was the first to win all three Alpine events.
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Garmisch 1936: Norwegian speed skaters Ivar Ballangrud and Charles Mathiesen pose for a photo between events. Ballangrud won gold medals in the 500 m, 1,500 m and 10,000 m and Mathiesen won a gold in the 5,000 m.
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Nagano 1998: France's Jean Luc Cretier on his way to winning the gold in the Men's Downhill event.
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Innsbruck 1976: Germany's Rosie Mittermaier races down the slalom track to win the gold in the event.
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Grenoble 1968: Skiers Herbert Huber and Karl Schranz of Austria and Jean-Claude Killy of France wave to their fans between events.
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Garmisch 1936: German Nordic Skier Willy Bogner takes the Olympic oath during the Opening Ceremony.
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Innsbruck 1976: American skating star Dorothy Hamill glides across the ice to win a gold medal in the Women's Single event. Hamill is credited with creating a camel/sit spin move now called the"Hamill camel."
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Cortina d'Ampezzo 1956: Sweden's star skier, Sixten Jernberg, was the record winner of nine medals in three Winter Olympic Games.
Lillehammer 1994: German Franziske Schenk celebrates winning the bronze in the 500 m Speed Skating event.
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St. Moritz 1928: The Earl of Northesk of Britian and American Jennison Heaton prepare for the Skeleton Bobsleigh event. Heaton won the gold and The Earl won the bronze.
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Calgary 1988: Pirmin Zurbriggen of Switzerland celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Men's Downhill event.
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Calgary 1988: Tomas Gustafson of Sweden speeds through the final of the 10 km Speed Skating Race to win the gold and set a world record time of 13:48:20.
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Lillehammer 1994: Pernilla Wiberg of Sweden speeds through the downhill section of the Women's Combined event to win the gold.
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Sarajevo 1984: American Bill Johnson competes in the Men's Downhill event. Johnson, who took the gold with a time of 1:45:59, made it big in skiing after having to choose between jail and a ski academy during a troubled youth.
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Lake Placid 1980: Hanni Wenzel of Liechtenstein races down an Alpine Skiing track. Wenzel took home two gold medals in the Giant and Special Slalom and a silver in Downhill.
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Nagano 1998: Kazuyoshi Funaki celebrates winning a gold in the Men's K120 Ski Jump on his home turf of Japan.
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