Best of Both Worlds


BUSINESS AND PLEASURE: If you're straddling the divide between taking the full tablet plunge and eschewing a keyboard for "one of them fancy no button typewriters," or sticking with your trusty clamshell claptrap, the latest from Lenovo might be what you're looking for. The U1 Hybrid looks like a regular laptop when closed, but like an Oreo, when pulled open, it reveals its secrets. The bottom is your standard keyboard and trackpad combo, ready for business class spreadsheets -- but the top is a resistive touchscreen monitor that can be literally pulled off to use as a stand-alone tablet that's perfect for quick 'net surfing or playing touch-enabled games. Heck, you could even claim business collaborators would use it to draft designs...but, nah, we're just going to watch Hulu on it. GET IT: In June for $999.

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