Beauty Beat: 1st Look Loves Ric Pipino, Master Stylist

Pipino 57 Salon
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We all need a lift during the post-New Year's Eve, slushy mid-winter doldrums. Visiting Ric Pipino's new uptown salon is a luxuriating lift for the eyes and the soul, not to mention your head--get a cut from styling legend Ric Pipino himself or his crack staff and you'll feel an instant lift.

Everyone needs a New Year's lift--what do you recommend when a client wants a big hairstyle change?
I first have a in-depth consultation with them to find out their likes and dislikes. I listen to what they have to say and their thoughts and then give them my opinion with a couple of options that may work for their lifestyle and facial shape. Its always great to start the new year with a change of style as it does set the pace for what's to come in the new year.

What are the biggest hair mistakes you think most women make and how do you ease them out of their usual comfort zones?
Again, [It's important for them] to feel very confident that they are in the right hands of someone who can give them the best style. Some women tend to make stay in their usual styles for years with no change, and I do believe in changing their look. Having friends and family comment with positive feedback always make women feel more special and important.

Craziest or funniest behavior you've witnessed at your salons?
Emotional feelings are always a big one when they don't expect that they can look that good after a big change is always a wonderful experience to witness. It's sometimes very emotional as they might be going through some personal issues.

What are the latest hair trends you are loving for this new year?
I love the sassy and sexy bob for the winter months--it works really great with their winter style!

Tell us something surprising about yourself.
I love a new year as it's the beginning of another 12-month journey in life, and you never know what to expect. It just keeps surprising me every year with exciting and sometimes new challenges in life!

What music you are digging right now?

Everything that makes my kids move and dance.

What's your favorite restaurant and/or nightlife scene?
Bar Piti and Double Seven

Biggest guilty pleasure?
Can't tell you…

If I weren't a stylist/entrepreneur, I would be a ___________.
Filmmaker, as I have lots of great stories that I would love to develop!

Pipino 57
115 East 57th St.
Manhattan, NY 10022

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