Bear Visits Back Deck in Avon

A resident of Stagecoach Road in Avon, Connecticut, received an unexpected visitor last week. A black bear showed up on the woman's back deck Wednesday morning while the homeowner was making brownies. The woman said the bear spent about half an hour on the deck, standing up and putting its paws up on the glass sliding door leading to the kitchen.

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A bear got right up against the glass sliding door at an Avon home last week.
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An Avon homeowner was baking brownies when she noticed this bear peering through the sliding glass door of her back deck.
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The bear visited a home on Stagecoach Road last Wednesday.
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The bear spent about 30 minutes on the deck, according to the homeowner.
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It's not the first time this bear has visited the back yard, the homeowner said.
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The woman said she had already taken steps to keep bears from being attracted to her back yard.
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