Next Batman: “Script in January, Shoot in May, Finish in November,” Says Caine

If all the talk is true, Christopher Nolan and his crew will be finished filming the next Batman movie, about an insane psychiatrist obsessed with Batman and desperate to replace him, by November 2011.

“Emma [Thomas], the producer, said we'd get the script in January. Christopher [Nolan] said: 'Script in January, shoot in May, finish in November,'" Michael "Alfred" Caine told Empire.

And who will the Caped Crusader be battling in this film? Allegedly, it will be Dr. Hugo Strange, as played by Tom Hardy, according to Batman-News, who acknowledges that this is rumor and not news. Lending a measure of credence to the talk is that Strange is featured in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City. But then, so is the Joker, so...

So who tha'.. is Dr. Strange? Hes just, "The most dangerous man in the world! Scientist, philosopher and a criminal genius ... little is known of him, yet this man is undoubtedly the greatest organizer of crime in the world, according to Bruce Wayne by way of the Batman Wiki.

Strange was "abandoned as a child, grew up in state homes. A bright kid, but he apparently had a hell of a temper. Nobody knows how he put himself through college and medical school,"according to Commissioner Gordon. And he was smart enough to be able to figure out Batman's secret identity, but kept it to himself.

The character certainly sounds like one Hardy could nail--though we're so blinded by our man crush we'd cast him to replace Julie Andrews in a "Sound of Music" remake. But Strange also sounds like the kind of guy that Nolan could have some fun with, to discuss matters of identity and privacy and the like.

In any event, this is gonna be awesome.

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